Bork has brown teeth, and he raped Kristen

more people now understand why BORK SUCKS

Bork, Bork, Bork. Poor old Bork. As you can see, Bork is a peice of work. He has been beaten with several UGLY STICKS, several times. This is a "person" that Smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day, along with a gallon and a half of Mountain Dew and never brushes his "teeth".
While living in his mothers basement (Mrs. B), he was dealing MASS QUANTITIES OF MARIJUANNA to just about anyone who walked thru the door. Again, Bork is DUMB. After many months of sucessfull dealing, Bork's house was RAIDED :) Did that stop Bork from selling grass out of his mommy's house?


That dumb peice of shit. He kept right along selling, and the cops came a'raidin! again!

more later...LOTS more!!!

Borks teeth are BROWN, Why is that?

Borks Dental Advice

A REAL Picture of BORK's TEETH (as of last week)

This will make you BRUSH!